Mission and Goals

The program was made in an effort to preserve the Gompa Lhasa Apso which is a breed of dogs that originally existed in the land of Tibet. It is known that monks are in the area and they had used the help of this breed of dog. It is seen that the mission is important because this genes of dogs are disappearing and as other breed them with other breeds of dog, they can be lost in some characteristics.

If we see the derivation of the title that is used, Gompa pertains to the part of a monastery, the main hall that serves as a meditation area. The Apso was the word used in Tibet to describe the hairy dogs. The Lhasa term is the name of the capital of Tibet. The name or term has been used since it has attracted attention from the people in the west. This breed of dogs has their origin in Tibet in a monastery called Drepung Monastery.

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The program has the aim to be able to have its system implemented so that they could pass the required documents or papers from the agency for the registry. The program would also develop the certain ways to maintain the health of this dogs and also the physical characteristics. With the breeding program that could be implemented, it is natural that they would then be breed into other dogs with different breed so that the desired breed would be achieved. There are more to be accomplished.