Gompa Lhasa Apso

This bred of dog is one that has its ancient origin. It was originated in Tibet and could only found here. Only when the Dalai Lama which is the 13th in the time, has given numbers of this dog as a gift to the western country in the United States that it has been introduced there. It has met then breeding so that they could meet the standard or the taste of people there. But they had much retained their features and the record of breeding has been done.

That is its advantage as they could be traced back and known how much is its feature was changed. But back in Tibet, this bred of Apsos has also undergone breeding in the monastery where it is found. They were special as they were not bred with Apsos that were kept by residents outside of the monastery. That is why it is specifically called Gompa Lhasa Apso as it came from the monastery and had been keeping company to the monks.

They had served as guard dogs and other functions like sounding an alarm or keeping company. They are contented with what they do and they can just wait for the time they could be petted. They are relatively small in size but can run fast. They are alert and are loyal to their masters. This breed of dog is from the past transcending the time to be able to survive in existence and now a subject of preservation of the program.