Life In Monastery

The monasteries is an important place for people in the past because of what they play as a role in the society. There are many monasteris before and monks stay there. But most of them were destroyed during the war. Monasteries play the role of educating people. It is a custom for people to send one of their child to a monastery to learn.  It is also one of the signs of the family status when a child can be able to study and learn. Boys are usually ordained to receive training when they are seven in age.

They can do first tasks helping in the day to day activities in the monastery. They could be the one who does shopping, carrying errands, inside the monastery, and help in religious works. The monastery is the main source of education before an so it is a good way to improved social status. The main theme of education in monasteries focuses on the religious aspect. They will start to learn the language, literature, grammar and will also learn how to pray and to chant the sutra.

After they had finished the basic part, they can move on to know the canons of the Buddhists that includes Pramana which is logic, Prajnya Paramita that means “The Perfection of Wisdom”, Abhidharma means the “Higher Knowledge”, and Madhyamika which means the “The Middle Way”. The studies can take up to 18 years and it could go more. They also learn medicine, doing crafts and even astrology. People can achieve the higher learning but others who did not become artisans, builders and others.